The Issue

Seattle’s progressive values run deep. We grew this city by entrepreneurship, selling timber and fish, airplanes and software. But through the decades we maintained the belief that we are stronger as a community if we look out for one another. We believe in the power of education, the righteousness of personal freedoms and civil rights, and our common responsibility to ensure every person can fulfill their potential.

The issue before us is both simple and complex: how to raise minimum compensation to lift people up and encourage businesses to grow and hire.

We believe we can accomplish both goals. We can create a uniquely Seattle solution that will ensure the most vulnerable workers get a raise, while maintaining opportunities for young people and others. We can increase income while keeping the incentives that reward hard work.

And we believe there should be no exceptions. What’s good policy for one sector of the economy should be good for all the others.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Seattle University economist Peter Nickerson takes a look at the potential impact of raising minimum wage sharply and suddenly:

Washington State Minimum Wage Analysis

 Job losses might be high because the wage change is quite large and the wage base ($9.32) is already large. Job losses will take the form of actual positions lost and reduced hours. This will be exacerbated by implementation of the healthcare mandate. 

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